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Holiday Gifts for Cats

December 1, 2019

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to get something for your feline friend! After all, Fluffy is part of the family. Read on as a Washington DC vet lists some great gifts for kitties.


Classic kitty playthings, like catnip mice and little plastic balls, will always be popular with our feline pals. Fluffy may also enjoy something more modern. Get your furry buddy a remote-controlled mouse, a robotic ‘swimming’ fish, or a mechanical bird toy.


A yummy treat will certainly get that little motor going. Canned tuna, crabmeat, or chicken in water is fine. You can also get Fluffy some gourmet kitty treats, or even make your own.


Comfy beds are definitely one of Fluffy’s favorite things. It doesn’t matter if your kitty already has a bed. Or two. Or three. As far as cats are concerned, you can never have too many napping spots!


Cats, as you’ve probably noticed, love being pampered and spoiled. However, these little furballs don’t necessarily have expensive taste. Actually, simple cardboard boxes are one of life’s greatest treasures in Fluffy’s book. Offer your pet some of the empty ones after everyone has opened their gifts.


There are few things cuter than a frisky feline feeling the effects of catnip! Get your kitty some fresh ‘nip and a refillable toy. If Fluffy doesn’t care for catnip, offer her some honeysuckle toys instead. Many cats that don’t like catnip do enjoy honeysuckle.

Window Seat

Kitties love to lounge around, napping and looking cute. Get Fluffy a comfy window seat, so she can combine her love of sunbathing with another one of her favorite pastimes: birdwatching.

Pet Fountain

Did you know that many cats prefer to drink running water? Offer Fluffy a cute kitty fountain.

Kitty Furniture

Our feline buddies aren’t exactly shy about using our belongings. However, Fluffy will really appreciate having some things she doesn’t have to share. Cat towers are purrfect gifts for kitties! Your furry friend will also appreciate pet tents or tunnels.

Kitty Subscription Box

Does your pet have a habit of pushing all of her toys under the sofa? Sign Fluffy up for her own kitty subscription box!

All of us here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, your Washington DC pet clinic, want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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