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Brownish adult dog with two paws forward

Celebrating Rescue Dogs

There’s a pretty special doggy holiday coming up. May 20th is Rescue Dog Day! While we don’t think you need a reason to celebrate or …
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White puppy with two black patches on eyes cuddled by human arms

Training Your Puppy

Have you recently adopted a new puppy? Good for you! That day you bring little Fido home is a very special one. You’re in for …
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Five gray kittens peeking from inside a brown woven basket

4 Ukrainian Pet Charities

As the situation in Ukraine continues, stories are emerging of how pets are comforting their owners through these dark times. Many of the neighboring countries …
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Long -ear Terrier riding in a red car

Car Rides With Fido

Does your canine companion enjoy going on car rides? Many dogs absolutely love driving around with their humans. However, you’ll need to take some precautions …
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Brownish Cairn terrier sitting on a grassy meadow

Puppy Chewing 101

Do you sometimes come home and find that your puppy has eaten your slippers, gnawed on the book you were reading, or destroyed your couch? …
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Two white kitties with brown ears cuddling close together

Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Did you know that February is National Cat Health Month? Fluffy is a pretty easy keeper, but she does need proper TLC to stay happy …
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