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7 Things Your Dog is Grateful For

November 15, 2019

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! If your dog could make a list of the things he is most grateful for, what do you think would be on it? A Hyattsville, MD vet lists a few strong ‘pawsibilities’ below.


Dogs are super playful, which is one reason they make such fun pets. It’s hard not to smile when watching Fido bound after his favorite toy, or do that cute play-bow pups do when they’re feeling frisky. Get your pet a new plaything, and spend some time playing with him today. This is a great way to help your pooch burn off his extra energy before your guests arrive.


Snacks are definitely one of Fido’s favorite things. Offer your faithful pet a few special snacks today. Just stick to things that are safe for him. Ask your vet for more information on safe foods.

Belly Rubs

Man’s Best Friend is absolutely adorable when he’s enjoying some attention. Does your dog start thumping his leg when you hit that itchy spot just right? Does Fido put on that cute doggy smile of sheer bless when you rub that furry belly? Indulge your canine buddy today, and pay lots of attention to him!

Us (Sort of)

We know, Fido would rather go to the park than visit us. However, your four-legged pal will be much healthier with proper veterinary care!

Comfy Beds

Fido may not be quite as sleepy as Fluffy, but he does need quite a bit of shuteye. Most dogs spend about half their time sleeping. Make sure your pooch has at least one comfy bed to doze off in.


We know, we already listed treats. However, many of our furry pals get extra excited when they see bacon, sausage, or pepperoni. Just limit your cute pet’s intake of these fatty foods. Too much fat isn’t good for Fido!


If Fido actually could make a list of the things he appreciates the most, we suspect that you would be at the top of it. Dogs are extremely loving and loyal, which is truly something we should all be grateful for. Spend some quality time with your canine pal on this special holiday!

All of us here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, your Hyattsville, MD vet clinic, want to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please reach out to us anytime!

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