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Fun Facts About Cats

July 1, 2023

Did you know that cats spend as much as 70 purrcent—of their lives sleeping? That probably isn’t a huge surprise. Fluffy’s love of napping is well known. However, our feline buddies are full of interesting facts and secrets. A Washington DC vet lists some key ones below.

No Sweet Tooth

Scientists suspect that Fluffy is the only mammal who can’t taste sweetness. However, some kitties apparently never got that memo, as cats do sometimes eat things like cake and doughnuts. What’s most likely here is that it’s the fat content kitties find appealing. (Note: do not give your furball junk food.)


Fluffy’s feet are pretty cute. Your little buddy’s claw daggers curve in a way that makes it easy for her to climb things. Coming down is a bit trickier, though, and needs to be learned. Another fun fact about cat paws? Their little paw pads look like teddy bears when viewed upside down.

Tail Position

You can actually learn quite a bit about Fluffy’s mood from her tail position. If she’s lashing it back and forth, she’s either angry or frisky. If her tail is vibrating slightly, she’s happy to see you. She may also flick the end of her tail when she’s napping or relaxing. 

Another interesting thing about kitty tail positions? Only domestic cats walk with their tails up. Stray and feral cats let theirs droop.

Feline Overlord

We know that many animals mark their territory. Fluffy may do this a few different ways. Intact toms often spray, but kitties also stake their claims by scratching things. Your cat also considers you part of her territory. When your furball rubs against your legs, she’s leaving her scent on you.

Nooks And Crannies

You may have noticed that your feline pal likes small spaces. Kitties feel safer in enclosed areas. This is why Fluffy can’t resist things like boxes or paper bags. Laundry baskets are also pretty popular. Fluffy gets to sleep on soft clothing, and she gets to enjoy feeling secure but also can see around her.


Fluffy has some interesting taste in food. In addition to liking things like tuna, many kitties go for things like pizza and olives, possibly because of the salt content. Only offer healthy, vet-approved treats.

Please contact us, your Washington DC pet clinic, with questions about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help! 

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