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Things We Can Learn From Cats

August 15, 2021

Cats are very curious and unique little furballs. Fluffy is a ferocious hunter, a sleeping connoisseur, and a bit of a sun worshipper. However, there’s much more to our feline friends than a love of luxury. In fact, kitties have some important life lessons to teach us! A Washington DC vet lists some of the most important ones below.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

If there was one golden rule for kitties to follow, this would be it. Fluffy can spend as much as 20 hours a day sleeping, snoozing, napping, and dozing. We don’t recommend sleeping quite that much, but it is important to make sure you’re well-rested.

Eat Good Food

Fluffy is known for being quite fussy about her meals. She may very well turn her adorable little nose up at the food you offer her, only to demand something else. Take a cue from your pet, and eat healthy, nutritious food!

Stay Active

Our furry friends are quite playful and frisky by nature. Fluffy is super cute when she’s batting at a catnip mouse or chasing a rubber ball down the hall. Remember to get enough exercise! Even short bursts of activity can do you a world of good!

Be Curious

Cats actually may take this one a bit too seriously: some of our feline patients are far too curious for their own good. That said, Fluffy’s inquisitive nature can be a great inspiration. Take time to learn something new! Take up an art or craft you’ve been wanting to try, or sign up for some classes that interest you.

Speak Your Mind

Our feline overlords are definitely quite opinionated. Fluffy won’t hesitate to speak her mind if you disturb her mid-nap or are late with her third breakfast!

Be Neat

Another great thing about cats? They’re naturally very clean. Kitties spend hours each day on their beauty routines. That may be a little overboard for most people, but the gist is still valid: put your best ‘paw’ forward by taking time to look neat and well-kept.

Enjoy The Sunlight

Our furry pals love to relax in sunbeams. They’re also fond of sniffing at plants, chasing butterflies, and exploring their domains. While we recommend keeping Fluffy inside, you can—and should—get outdoors when it’s nice. 

As your local Washington DC animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Contact us anytime!

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