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Fido's Favorite Jobs

August 1, 2021

August 5th is Work Like A Dog Day. Man’s Best Friend has many wonderful qualities, but his high work ethic is one that has proved invaluable to us over the centuries. As you may know, Fido has had many roles: he’s been a guardian, a cattle herder, hunter, and tracker, to name a few. Nowadays, most of our canine buddies are pets, first and foremost, but they do still perform some important tasks. A Washington DC vet lists some of them below.

Security System

This is one job that comes naturally to all of our furry pals, no matter how big or small they are or what their personality is. Fido is great at letting people know when there’s someone at the door! He also often alerts his humans to specific dangers, such as trespassers, fires, or even wild animals.

Personal Trainer

Did you know people with dogs tend to be slimmer and fitter than those without pups? This makes perfect sense: all of those walks add up! Fido also loves hiking. That makes him a perfect trail buddy for those who like exploring.


One of the best things about our canine friends? They are always on our sides, no matter what. Fido doesn’t care where you work, who you date, or how much you make. He’s just delighted to see you, and wants nothing more than to spend time with you. That special friendship you and your pet share is really a beautiful gift!


Dogs have a special way of knowing when their humans are feeling sad or worried. Fido may stick more closely to you than usual, or he may even put his paw on your leg to show support. Pets are also great stress relief. You may find that walking and playing with your furry bff is a great way to lift your spirits.


Fido is extremely smart, but he’s also, well, kind of goofy. Pets are highly entertaining! You almost can’t not laugh when watching a frisky pup hard at play.


We may train our dogs, but we can also learn from them. Fido has some wonderful life lessons in store for us! He teaches us to slow down, enjoy the little things, get plenty of rest, and stay active.

Does your furry pal need an exam, vaccines, or parasite control? Contact us, your Washington DC animal hospital, anytime!

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