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Fluffy’s Pet Peeves

September 15, 2020

Does your cat get annoyed when you rub her the wrong way? Does she hate being held, or complain if you move her favorite toy? Just like people, our feline buddies all have their own personalities. However, while every cat is unique, kitties do share some common likes and dislikes. A Washington DC vet lists some of Fluffy’s pet peeves below.

Too Little Attention

Some kitties are very cuddly and affectionate, and want to be petted 24/7. While you can’t spend all of your time cuddling your furry pal, you should spend some time with her every day. Otherwise, Fluffy may feel ignored.

Too Much Attention

It’s hard not to smile when getting cuddles from a purring cat. However, even the most lovable furball can be ‘purrticular’ about just when and how she likes to be held or petted. Fluffy often has a very specific time allotment for being held. When she’s had enough, she will let you know, probably by jumping down and walking away. Don’t try to change your furry friend’s mind: just let her go, and continue the snuggles another day.


We absolutely love our canine companions. Man’s Best Friend is curious, active, loving, obedient, and playful. He also really thrives on pleasing his humans. None of this makes any sense to cats! Fluffy also isn’t impressed by the fact that Fido refuses to use the litterbox and never grooms himself.

Other Cats

Kitties are absolutely adorable when they are snuggled up together. However, it isn’t quite as charming when they are fighting or hissing at one another. Fluffy can morph into a hissing ball of rage at the mere sight of another feline on her property.

Car Rides

Here’s another area where Fido and Fluffy have very different opinions. Fido thinks car rides are great fun, and often gets really excited at the prospect of going for a drive. Fluffy? No so much.

Loud Noises

Does your cat race out of the kitchen if she hears pots clanging together? Does Fluffy dash for her favorite hiding spot if you drop something. Most of our feline friends also hate loud noises. This does make sense, given that kitties spend roughly 99 percent of their time napping!  

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Washington DC vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are always happy to help!  

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