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Fido’s Golden Years

September 1, 2020

Is your dog becoming more interesting in napping than in playing Fetch? Is Fido spending more time catching Z’s than catching squirrels? It can be startling to realize that your playful pup has somehow become a senior. Your canine companion will still be adorable and affectionate as he ages, and he’ll never lose his love of bacon, but he will need some extra TLC. A local Washington DC vet discusses senior dog care below.


Comfy beds are at the top of the list, and with good reason. Your pooch won’t sleep well on a thin pad! We recommend orthopedic beds for senior dogs. They offer extra support, which will help Fido stay comfy as he’s dreaming of bacon.


Small touches that can help keep your canine friend comfortable. Raised dishes are more comfortable for many older dogs than bowls on the floor. If Fido develops mobility issues, pet ramps or stairs will help him get around.


Fido probably won’t like baths any more now than he did as a puppy, but he does appreciate being soft and clean. Keep up with your pup’s beauty needs, including nail trims and dental care.


Don’t let Fido become a complete couch potato! Your pooch will still need regular activity to stay healthy. Walks are pretty much the standard for older dogs, but your furry pal can still enjoy swimming and playing. Just consult your vet regularly, and be careful not to overexert your pet.

Veterinary Care

Fido will benefit from more frequent visits as he grows older. Keep up with his wellness care! At home, watch for signs of illness. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything unusual.


Obesity is (literally) a big problem with our canine companions. Fido will naturally slow down in his golden years, so he won’t be burning as many calories as he once did. This will make it easy for him to pack on pounds! While chubby dogs are cute, they’re also at risk of some very dangerous medical issues. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Savor this special time with your furry bff. Senior dogs often get a very sweet, affectionate demeanor that is an absolute joy. Pay lots of attention to Fido, and keep that tail going!

Please contact us, your Washington DC vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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