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Cute Ways To Celebrate Adopted Dog Day

September 15, 2023

Did you adopt your pooch from a shelter? If so, make a note to do something special for Fido on the 23rd: it’s Adopted Dog Day! Read on as a local Washington DC vet lists a few things that are bound to get that tail going.


Did you know that pumpkin is actually quite healthy for our canine pals? You can make Fido a pumpkin dog treat by combining canned pumpkin with peanut butter, whole wheat flour, and an egg. Mix until the batter is the consistency you want, then pop into the oven. Fifteen minutes at 375 should do it, but you can add time if needed. Remember to have the pooch do a trick for his treat!


There are some pretty adorable fall and Halloween-themed toys in stores. You can get Fido a little mummy or vampire toy, which can make for super cute pictures. Of course, you don’t have to go for something horror-related: a leaf or pumpkin shaped toy will do just fine.


Did you know that many of our canine companions actually enjoy learning new things? If Fido hasn’t mastered the basics yet, work on those. All of our canine companions should know simple commands, such as Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down. Once your pup has those mastered, teach him some cute tricks.

Beauty Session

We’ve got a few months before winter, but it is starting to get cool. Give Fido a good bath before it gets cold, or take him to the salon. If your pet is shedding, take him outside and brush him thoroughly to get that dead fur and dander out of his fur. Don’t forget about his paw pads! Use Vaseline or paw balm to moisturize those toe beans before that dry winter air hits.


We never get tired of seeing cute pictures of our canine companions. Snap some pics of Fido. If you can find a spot where the leaves have turned, opt for an adorable seasonal photo. For best results, time that photo session for dusk or dawn, when the light is naturally golden.

Long Walk

Fall will officially be here by the 23rd. This is the perfect time to take your canine buddy for a stroll! Grab a thermos of your favorite tea or coffee, and head to a local park to enjoy that crisp weather and the cool breezes with your furry best friend.

 Please contact us for your pet’s health or care. As your local Washington DC pet hospital, we’re here to help!

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