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Reasons For Problematic Barking

July 15, 2023

Is your dog barking incessantly? This can be a sore spot for many people, and it can definitely cause friction with the neighbors. Problematic barking isn’t an unsolvable issue. However, you’ll need to start by figuring out what is making Fido vocalize in the first place. A Washington DC vet offers some suggestions in this article. 


Man’s Best Friend is very intelligent, and he needs entertainment and stimulation. Make sure Fido has plenty of toys to play with. That shouldn’t be the only form of enrichment he gets, though. Daily walks also provide lots of enrichment. Let your pooch sniff different things while you’re walking him. If he stays home alone while you go to work, offer him puzzle toys, or hire a dog walker to break up his day. 


Just like people, Fido can suffer from stress and anxiety. Dogs sometimes bark as a way to try and ‘scare off’ something that they fear or are uncomfortable about, or just to soothe themselves. This can stem from a variety of causes: such as loneliness, boredom, discomfort, past trauma, and phobias.


Another reason Fido may be barking is if something set off his inner watchdog. We know, it can be tiresome if your furry friend lets you know every time the neighbor’s cat moves. However, if your canine pal mostly barks to let you know something is off, he’s trying to help you out.


When your furry pal starts barking, do you go to check on him? If so, well, he may be training you. Fido learned quite a while ago that barking is a great way for him to get attention. Some pups will even settle for negative attention. It is important to make sure your pooch is getting enough affection, but don’t spoil him.


Last but not least, Fido may bark to show that he’s excited about something. He may speak to greet you when you come home after work. He should settle down quickly, though, once you’re inside.


If you aren’t sure why your pup is barking, or how to stop him, consult a pet behaviorist, and get professional guidance. Never punish your canine companion for barking: it’s an instinctive behavior, so he won’t know what he did wrong. 

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Washington DC pet clinic, today! 

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