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Fluffy’s Summer Plans

May 15, 2023

Summer is just around the corner. It’s probably safe to say that many of you are already making plans for the warmer months. Your feline pal will be more than happy to supervise, and will also lend a helping paw when it comes time to pack. Actually, Fluffy has a few things on her own agenda. A Washington DC vet goes over some of your furry friend’s summer plans in this article.


Cats aren’t actually cold-blooded, though we’re not sure if anyone has told them that yet. Fluffy loves to sprawl out in sunny spots! Give your kitty a comfy bed or window seat in a bright window or corner.

Modeling Work

Our feline buddies are very photogenic, and they take some truly charming pictures. Summer is a great time to snap some adorable shots of your furry little roommate. Play around with effects and photo modes.

Moth Patrol

We often joke about how cats just basically expect us to wait on them hand and paw. For the most part, Fluffy does have us pretty well trained. However, kitties do appreciate the love, care, toys, beds, food, water, and lap space we offer them. Your furball will try to occasionally at least lift a paw to reciprocate … by chasing any wayward moths that get inside.

Traffic Controller

When it gets warm, cats often seek out cool spots to sprawl out in. Kitchen and bathroom floors are top choices, because tile naturally stays cool. Just don’t be surprised if your feline overlord chooses to stretch out in the middle of everyone’s way.


If it were up to Fluffy, she’d probably opt for hunting, rather than observing, birds and squirrels. Keeping your kitty inside is not only safer for her, it also helps protect wildlife. That said, you can make your furry little voyeur a cozy window seat, where she can spy on local critters and daydream about hunting.


No matter what time of year it is, your sleepy feline pal will make time for at least a dozen daily naps. Make sure she has comfy spots to rest in! You can make her a kitty hammock bed just by attaching a piece of cloth to the legs of any four-legged table.

As your local Washington DC animal hospital, we are dedicated to helping you keep your furry buddy happy and healthy. Contact us anytime!  

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