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Spring Cleaning For Pet Owners

April 15, 2023

Spring is here … and for many of us, that means it’s time for a deep clean. Fluffy and Fido may be more than willing to supervise. Of course, they’ll also add a few things to your to-do list. Our furry friends are adorable, but they can be messy roommates! A Washington DC vet offers some cleaning tips for pet owners in this article.

Stain Removers

Fido and Fluffy are usually pretty good about being house-trained, but even the cleanest pet can have the occasional accident. If you can smell something but can’t find it, try using a black light. To remove stains, opt for an enzyme-based cleaner. Vinegar and baking soda will also do in a pinch. You may also want to consider getting a steamer.


Give your furry pal’s bedding a good wash. Many pet beds now come with removable covers that can be machine washed. If your pet’s bed is too big for the washer, you may be able to vacuum or steam-clean it. You’ll also want to clean and organize Fido and Fluffy’s toys. Check the labels for specific cleaning instructions.

Mud Season

If you want to keep your canine companion from tracking mud into the house, put an absorbent mat outside the door you take him in and out of. Thick bath mats work well for this. For a more high-tech option, you can look into paw-cleaning devices, though of course you’ll need to get your pup on board. (Tip: treats will go a long way towards that.) Or, you can go low tech: keep a bottle of water and a rag near the door, and teach Fido that he’ll get a treat for letting you wash his furry feet.


You may find yourself dealing with quite a bit of fur this month, as Fluffy and Fido shed their winter coats for spring wear. You can use a squeegee, damp sponge, or rubber glove to de-fur your furniture. We also recommend vacuuming regularly. If your four-legged pal is extremely furry, consider putting out slipcovers, at least until they’ve finished shedding. 


Dogs love looking out windows and seeing who’se passing by on the sidewalk. If your windows are covered with your canine friend’s nose art masterpieces, use a vinegar-based window cleaner.

 As your local Washington DC pet hospital, we are dedicated to providing great care. Contact us anytime! 

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