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New Animal Protection Laws 

February 1, 2023

One thing that we’ve been happy to see more and more of over the past decades is legislation that creates or strengthens protections for animals. Five new ones became official in 2022, all aimed at curbing animal cruelty. A Washington DC vet goes over them below.

FDA Modernization Act 2.0 

This bill, which was passed on 9/29, legalizes the use of certain alternatives to animal testing when researching the safety and effectiveness of new drugs. Some of the methods that may now be used instead include computer models and cell-based assays, which use live cells grown in vitro. 

Big Cat Public Safety Act 

This standalone bill was championed by none other than Carole Baskins, the animal activist star of Tiger King. The bill, Big Cat Public Safety Act, H.R. 263, finally was signed into law after an 11-year campaign. It aims to shut down commercial operations that allow people to pet tiger cubs and other big feline kittens. Only a decade ago, there were over 50 cub-petting menageries in the country. While these attractions bring people, it’s cruel for the cubs, and ultimately results in them being treated as products. 

Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act Statutory Repair 

This law is the result of campaigns from The Jockey Club and Animal Wellness Action, and is an amendment to the Horseracing Integrity And Safety Act of 2020. The now-amended provision, which was declared unconstitutional in November, endangered the national ban on doping racehorses. The understanding is that these drugs not only risk the horses’ health, but also compromise the integrity of the entire industry. You can learn more here.

Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act 

Animal lovers can definitely rejoice over this one. Shark fins are officially illegal! After a seven-year journey, this bill is a direct reaction to the horrific practice of killing sharks for their fins. Hopefully, other countries will soon follow suit.

Record-Breaking Funding for Enforcement of the Horse Protection Act

This bill supplies funding for the Horse Protection Act of 1970: 4.1 million, to be precise, the highest amount ever allotted. By allowing for more inspections and investigations, the bill will help curb unethical behavior by trainers that use cruel practices to push horses to perform better at shows. 

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