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Winter Cat Care Tips

December 1, 2022
Winter is coming up quick: we may have a few weeks before the official start, but temps are already dropping quickly. Like every other season, winter has some specific hazards for pet owners to be aware of. A Washington DC vet offers some winter kitty care tips in this article.

Keep Kitty In

We recommend this all year long, but it’s particularly important in winter. Not only are freezing temperatures a huge threat, but there is also the fact that snow can hide scents and landmarks that help your furry friend find her way home. Plus, there are the ongoing threats of traffic, wild animals, and chemical exposure. Fluffy will be much better off staying inside!

Offer Warm Spots

Did you know that Fluffy often sleeps even more when it’s cold out? Senior cats and kittens are particularly sleepy. Make sure your feline buddy has plenty of warm spots to curl up in. (That includes lap space.)

Be Cautious With Décor

With the holidays approaching, many people are redoing their homes. No holiday scene is complete without a beloved pet! However, those pretty seasonal trappings may bring out Fluffy’s inner lion. Anything small or sharp is a potential hazard, as are items with strings or cords. The list of potential dangers includes ornament hooks, pine needles, tinsels, ribbons, and any fragile ornaments. You’ll also need to be cautious with plants: many seasonal favorites, such as holly and ivy, are toxic to pets.


It gets dark early in winter. If your feline pal stays home alone while you’re out earning money for cat food, turn a light and radio on for her before you leave. Nobody wants to be alone in a dark, quiet house.


Toxins are always a huge concern when it comes to pet safety. Antifreeze is a major hazard. While some companies make pet-safe brands, there are still products that have a taste which appeals to cats. You’ll also need to be careful with ice melting products. Fluffy can ingest it just by walking over a spot and then licking her paws.

Don’t Skip Parasite Control

While fleas and ticks aren’t as prevalent in winter as they are in summer, they don’t by any means go away. Keep up with your feline friend’s preventative care! Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Washington DC animal clinic, anytime!

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