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Tips For Giving Fido Plush Toys

October 15, 2022
There’s a pretty adorable doggy holiday coming up: October 28th is National Plush Animal Lovers Day. Fido certainly qualifies as a fan of plush toys, or stuffies, as they’re also called. He’s also super cute when he picks out a new toy! However, there are some things to keep in mind when giving your canine buddy a plushy. A Washington DC vet lists some of them below.

Choose Safe Options

When choosing dog toys—or any other pet product—alway put your pup’s safety first. Don’t give Fido any toys with small parts, such as plastic eyes or noses or tiny accessories. He could choke or end up with serious internal injuries if he were to try and eat them! Also, avoid anything that lights up or makes noise. These toys usually contain batteries, which are also unsafe. Stick with things made just for dogs.

Don’t Let Fido Play With Kids’ Toys

Dogs and children can make wonderful buddies and playmates. However, there is the chance of friction if they find themselves competing over a stuffed animal. If your little one has a new plushie, there’s a pretty good chance that Fido will be interested in it. Young children can get pretty upset to find their playthings have been hijacked. As we all know, toddlers can get quite loud when they’re agitated. That can in turn upset your pooch. Of course, whether this is an issue or not depends on the dog and the child. A stoic, calm pup may be very patient, but a more aggressive or possessive one may become protective. If you know or suspect that your pet falls into the latter category, err on the side of safety and keep children’s toys away from him.


Does your canine pal tear out the stuffing and squeakers of his toys? Keep a close eye him when he’s playing. This can be very dangerous!

Keep Them Clean

Fido plays with his mouth, so it usually doesn’t take long for his toys to get pretty grimy. Most plushies are machine washable. (Check the label and instructions first, just to be sure.) Of course, if the stuffed animal has been around for a while, it may not even be worth saving. Just don’t let your furry buddy see you throw it away! Please contact us, your Washington DC animal clinic, anytime! We’re here to help!

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