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Spotlight On Snoopy

August 1, 2022
Snoopy Day is August 10th! Along with Charlie Brown, Snoopy is the only other character to appear in every Peanuts movie and special. The lovable and loyal Beagle has been charming us for several generations now, and it doesn’t look like his popularity is going to fade any time soon. A Washington DC veterinarian shines the spotlight on this beloved pooch below.

What’s In A Name

Snoopy was originally inspired by a real life dog, Spike, who was Schultz’s childhood buddy. In fact, Schultz named another cartoon pup after him: Snoopy’s brother Spike appeared in several comic strips, as well as several of the specials. He even got one of his own with It’s the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown. The animated Spike lives in the desert, is fond of cowboy hats, and communicates with cacti. There’s even a statue of him in Needles, CA, where the Schultz family lived back in the 1920’s.

Flying Ace

We can’t talk about Snoopy without mentioning his amazing flying skills. Snoopy’s ongoing conflicts with the Red Baron have actually inspired some real-life awards and accolades. He’s now the official mascot of aerospace safety. The Apollo 10 lunar model was named after him, as is the fabric cap worn by NASA astronauts in the extravehicular mobility unit. NASA even honored him by naming the Silver Snoopy award after him.

Likes And Dislikes

Like the rest of our furry companions, Snoopy has some very specific likes and dislikes. His paws-up list includes pizza, root beer, and naps. He’s much less fond of coconut candy and the sound of balloons being squeezed. The pup is actually claustrophobic, which is why he prefers napping on top of his doghouse to being inside it.

Dancing Dog

We all know that Snoopy is famous for his adorable happy dance, which has definitely become part of mainstream culture. (Lucy may not have been impressed by it, but she’s clearly in the minority here.)

Other Talents

Charlie Brown’s canine buddy has some unusual skills. For instance, he can vanish at will, Cheshire-cat style, and can communicate with chocolate chip cookies. (Note: chocolate is toxic to real dogs, but is apparently safe for cartoon pups.) Snoopy can also write, fetch soap bubbles, and, like his cartoon counterpart Odie, Garfield’s buddy, enjoys reading. Do you have questions about Beagle care? Contact us, your Washington DC animal hospital, today!
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