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Summer Dog Paw Care

July 1, 2022
Summer is here! Your canine pal may be spending a lot more time outside at this time of year than he would in winter. That means a lot more wear and tear on those furry feet … which in turn means more paw care. A Washington DC vet offers a few tips on caring for Fido’s paws below.


First and foremost, keep your pup’s nails clipped. Long claws can easily snag and tear on things, which can lead to tears and infection, neither of which are fun for poor Fido. Your furry bff may shift his weight or adjust his stride to adjust for the discomfort, which isn’t good for his bones and joints.

Paw Pads

Dogs’ paw pads are very sensitive. Your four-legged buddy can get painful blisters and burns from walking on hot tar or asphalt. Fido’s feet will be extra delicate after he’s gone swimming, just as our skin is after a bath. Keep your pooch on soft ground as much as possible, especially when it’s hot out. You can also use paw balm to soften and protect his paw pads.


Does Fido have toe fur tufts? If so, you’ll want to clip these back. They often collect gunk, such as gum and even pebbles. Understandably, that can be pretty uncomfortable!

Tick Checks

We’re well into peak tick season now. Keeping up with Fido’s parasite control is very important! We also recommend doing regular checks, especially as it gets close to the time for your canine buddy’s next dose. Be sure to check between those furry toes!


Keep an eye out for signs of arthritis. Limping is a common one. This may start off mild, but worsen over time. If Fido is continually licking or biting his paws, that would also be indicative of pain or discomfort. Contact your vet to make an appointment.


In summer, many people treat their yards with fertilizers and pesticides. All your canine companion needs to do is walk through a patch that was recently treated for his paws to come into contact. He could then ingest these toxins just by licking his feet. You may want to get into the habit of wiping Fido’s paws down regularly. Keep a spray bottle and some clean rags or towels near the door. Please contact us, your Washington DC animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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