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Puppy Chewing 101

February 15, 2022
Do you sometimes come home and find that your puppy has eaten your slippers, gnawed on the book you were reading, or destroyed your couch? If so, you’re not alone. Chewing is not uncommon in our canine pals. A Washington DC vet sheds some light on how to cope with this behavior below.


As far as little Fido is concerned, anything he can put into his mouth is fair game. You’ll need to take steps to protect both your pet and your belongings. Don’t leave anything you don’t want your furry friend chewing on within paws’ reach. That includes shoes, purses, wallets, and children’s toys. Anything small or sharp can be very dangerous. Jewelry, coins, beads, and paper clips a just a few examples. Store chemicals, medicine, and anything else that could be toxic in secure cabinets. Keep your laundry in closed hampers, and use trashcans with secure lids. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Provide Suitable Toys

Make sure that little Fido has plenty of suitable chew toys. Kong toys can be great for teething puppies. You can fill them with things like squeezable cheese, peanut butter, or wet dog food. Be sure to rotate your canine buddy’s toys out regularly, so he doesn’t get bored. Reward your pooch for using his toys: this will help him form good habits.

Offer Chews

There are plenty of products available made just for Fido to chew on, such as bully sticks, pig ears, and rawhide. Consult your vet before giving any of these to your pet. Some of these can break off into pieces that your furry pal could choke on. Never give your pooch cooked bones, as they are very brittle and can easily break into sharp pieces.

Use Taste Deterrents

As the name suggests, these products make things taste horrible to dogs. Use them on things like wires or other objects your pooch shouldn’t be gnawing on. You will need to reapply the product however.


Little Fido is smart enough to learn what is and is not appropriate to chew on. Keep a close eye on your canine friend. If you notice him chewing something he shouldn’t, take it away from him and tell him ‘No.’ or ‘Don’t chew that.’ Then, give him something he can chew. Do you have questions about your puppy’s health or care? Contact us, your Washington DC animal clinic!

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