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Holiday Gifts For Senior Cats

December 15, 2021

Happy Holidays! Are you still working on your shopping list? If you’re ordering presents online, as many are, it’s probably safe to say that your cat will supervise this process closely. Fluffy may even try to help, perhaps by walking across your keyboard. When the gifts arrive, she may also ‘assist’ you with wrapping them. Don’t forget to get a few presents for your feline helper! Just keep your kitty’s age in mind when shopping for her. Read on as a Washington DC vet lists a few ‘purrfect’ gifts for senior cats.


Senior kitties are master nappers, capable of snoozing up to 20 hours a day. You can’t go wrong with a comfy bed. This is even a great gift for furballs that already have beds!


Fluffy won’t be as frisky as she once was, but she’ll still enjoy being able to let her inner kitten out. Look for toys that squeak or light up: they’ll be easier for her to track.


Our feline overlords aren’t shy about using our things, but they do appreciate having some pieces of their own. Choose things that are comfortable and easy for Fluffy to get on and off. That floor-to-ceiling cat tower may be great for a kitten, but an older kitty would probably prefer something lower to the ground.


Cats can be a bit finicky about their snacks, but most of them have at least a few favorites!


Just like people, cats often develop certain medical problems as they age. Ask your vet to recommend some supplements or vitamins for Fluffy.


Kitties may be divas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have expensive taste. No matter how old Fluffy gets, she’ll never get tired of boxes!

Senior-Friendly Litterbox

Did you know that you can get your feline pal a litterbox made just for senior cats? These have lower walls than the standard ones, which makes them easier for Fluffy to get in and out.

Grooming Supplies

Have you ever noticed that older cats sometimes look a bit unkempt? Your furry friend may have trouble grooming her entire body as she grows older. Get a soft brush for Fluffy, and help her out with her daily beauty regime.

All of us here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, your Washington DC pet clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!

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