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Thanksgiving With Fido

November 1, 2021

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks off, now. Dogs are definitely pretty high on the list of things that we are grateful for. Of course, Fido will likely be underfoot as you are getting ready for your holiday meal. A Washington DC vet offers some tips on helping your pooch get through the holiday safely below.


Before your guests arrive, take time to walk and play with your canine pal. Fido will be calmer and better behaved if he’s already burned off his zoomies!


Fido has definitely earned himself a special meal! He can have plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat. Cooked squash is also safe, as is pumpkin, green beans, spinach, and small amounts of cheese and cooked egg. Just don’t give him anything that isn’t safe. That list includes things like garlic, onions, and chives; grapes and raisins; chocolate; caffeine; alcohol; and meat on the bone. 


Are you hosting this year’s dinner? You may want to lay down a few simple rules for guests, to help ensure that interactions between them and Fido go smoothly. The big thing is making sure that nobody accidentally feeds your canine buddy anything that isn’t safe for him. This is something to be aware of if you’re having little kids over. Children sometimes try to share food with pets, not realizing that some of the things we eat are toxic to our furry friends.

Fido will of course be on duty as a barking doorbell and greeter. If your pooch gets a bit too enthusiastic about greeting people, put him in his crate or in a quiet back room with food, toys, and treats as people are coming or going. You don’t want him knocking your grandma over, or running out an open door!


You want Fido to put his best paw forward for visitors. Give him a bath before the holiday, and/or brush him out thoroughly. Nail trims are important, too! We also recommend vacuuming and dusting your place thoroughly and changing your air filters.

Overnight Guests

Having people stay over? Ask them to keep the guest room door closed. This can help prevent many mishaps, such as Fido chewing their shoes or eating a bottle of medicine.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Brentwood Animal Hospital, your Washington DC animal clinic.

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