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Fall To-Do List For Pet Owners

September 15, 2021
Autumn is just about here! As the stores fill with pumpkin-flavored everything, many people are pulling out scarves and hoodies, and planning some seasonal activities. Don’t forget about your furry friend! A local Washington DC vet lists some things for pet owners to put on their agendas for the next few months.


Once it starts getting cold and dark, your canine buddy will probably spend quite a good amount of time snoozing. Make sure he has a clean, comfy bed to snuggle up in!

Veterinary Care

You might think that fleas and ticks become less of an issue in fall, but that actually isn’t the case. Keep up with your pup’s parasite control! Vaccinations are also important, as your furry companion could have a run-in with a wild animal that’s looking for a spot to hibernate.


Does your canine companion need to wear a jacket when it’s cold out? Make sure that Fido’s winter wardrobe is clean and in good condition, and still fits him well.


Autumn tends to be one of the peak shedding times. If your pooch is a heavy shedder, it’s probably a good idea to brush him daily. Nail trims and dental care are also important. You may want to start using paw wax on Fido, in preparation of all the snow, ice, and chemical de-icers he’ll soon be walking on.


Those crisp autumn days are perfect dog-walking weather. Carve out some time for taking your canine companion on long, relaxing strolls. Bring along a mug of coffee and perhaps a good friend, and enjoy the beautiful foliage!


Who says Fido can’t get in on some of those delicious seasonal treats? You definitely don’t want to share any Halloween candy with your furry best friend: chocolates, raisins, xylitol, and many other things found in those sweet treats are toxic to dogs. However, you can make him something special. Combine pureed pumpkin with natural peanut butter, an egg, some whole-wheat flour, and a bit of olive oil. Mix to a batter-like consistency, then form balls or squares. About 30 minutes at 350 should do it, though you may need to adjust a bit. Enjoy a few of these with your four-legged buddy on a chilly fall afternoon! Does your dog need to come in for an exam? Contact us, your local Washington DC animal hospital, anytime!

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