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May 15, 2021

Does your kitty sometimes yell at you if you move her mid nap, or take something away from her? Fluffy may be small, but she does have a way of bossing her humans around. Our feline buddies can also be quite sassy at times! What’s that all about? A Washington DC vet discusses cattitude below.

Cats Who Yell

Many kitties express their displeasure at things by yelling at their owners. You may get an earful from your pet if you have the audacity to move her mid-nap, or if you’re late with her breakfast. It’s not always a bad thing when your pet shouts at you. After all, it’s a sign that Fluffy is trying to communicate. However, if your furball is growling, hissing, or screeching, you have a very angry cat on your hands. It’s probably best to leave your grumpy pet alone until she calms down.

Causes of Cattitude

Kitties can sometimes be purring and cuddling one moment, and biting and scratching the next. Zero-to-sixty mood changes are one of Fluffy’s personality quirks. In many cases, a gentle nip is just a sign of playfulness or affection. Cats also sometimes kick and scratch their humans when they feel frisky. This is bad petiquette, but it’s not usually a sign of aggression. How can you tell? Your furry friend probably won’t use much force if she’s just goofing around. Playful attacks may be also accompanied by other high-spirited behaviors, like racing or rolling around. Your pet may also stop or start her attacks very unexpectedly and/or start licking you.

Kitty Rage

Some of our feline friends are rather cantankerous by nature. Fluffy may not enjoy being petted or held. Don’t force attention on your cat! Spoil her with toys, treats, and play sessions instead. Play sessions will also give your feisty furball a healthy outlet for any angst she is feeling.

Changes In Personality

If your feline pal has suddenly gone from a sweet, cuddly ball of love to a hissing tornado of rage, there may be something more going on than simple moodiness. Sudden changes in ‘purrsonality’ can be a sign of medical issues. Just like people, cats sometimes get grouchy if they don’t feel well. If Fluffy just doesn’t seem like herself, have your vet check her out.

As your Washington DC veterinary clinic, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime. We’re here to help!

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