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Adorable New Year's Resolutions for Confused Kittens

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! Have you recently adopted a kitten? That tiny ball of fur can take up a pretty huge space in your heart! Little Fluffy’s first year is a very important time in her life. She has lots of growing to do, and all sorts of things to figure out. In this article, a Washington DC vet lists some of the things your fuzzy friend will want to learn this year.


Cats may be adorable, but they do have predatory instincts. Little Fluffy will naturally want to sort out how her claws and teeth work. Don’t be surprised if she tries to practice on you! This may be cute, but it’s also bad manners. If your furry pal attacks you, tell her ‘No’ or ‘Don’t Bite’ in a firm tone. Then, leave the little furball alone until she’s ready to play nice.

Figure Out Gravity

Kittens are super playful, and they like to jump and run a lot. It may take little Fluffy some practice to get this right! Keep an eye on your furry friend, and pluck her from high surfaces, so she can’t hurt herself.


Your pint-sized pet will also want to work on her pouncing skills this year. Take time to play with your frisky feline daily, using a toy that you can control, such as a wand or laser pointer.

The Red Dot

Whoever first realized that cats and dogs are absolutely intrigued by laser beams has really done the world’s pets—and their owners—a huge favor. It’s always cute watching kittens chasing after that elusive red dot! Little Fluffy probably won’t make much progress here, but she will look adorable trying.

Defeat The Blanket Monster

Have you ever moved your foot or hand under a blanket so Fluffy could ‘attack’ it? Seeing kittens attack the ‘blanket monster’ never gets old!


We’ll need to see your little furball a few times this year. Your kitten will need her initial exams and screenings; microchipping; and, of course, spay or neuter surgery. You’ll also need to get her started out on vaccines and parasite control. Little Fluffy may not understand any of this, but that’s okay. She’ll be healthier and happier with regular veterinary care!

Please reach out to us, your local Washington DC veterinary clinic, anytime. We love watching baby cats grow into happy, healthy adult cats.

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