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Tips for Catproofing Your Tree

December 1, 2020

The holidays are coming up quick! Are you putting up a tree this year? If so, your frisky feline friend will be watching with bright eyes and a bushy tail. Read on for some tips from a Washington DC veterinarian on keeping your playful pet out of the tree. 

Fishing Line

If you think that there’s a chance Fluffy may actually climb the tree and knock it over, take steps to secure it. One thing you can do is attach the top of the tree to the walls or ceiling with fishing line. It won’t show, but the extra support might help keep the tree standing. 

Decorate Wisely 

Kitties tend to be drawn to shiny things. They also can’t resist batting at anything that’s dangling down. Try to keep the most tempting ornaments–including anything breakable–on the top part of the tree. Just put a few sturdy decorations on the lower branches.


Another thing that may help is getting an artificial tree. Fluffy may still go for some of the ornaments, but she won’t have much luck climbing it. Plus, you get to reuse it, so you’ll also save some money in the long run.


We know, Fluffy is notorious for doing what she wants, when she wants. However, you can teach your furball that the tree is off-limits. Whenever your pet gets too close, do something that will startle her. Sound an alarm on your phone, bang two pots together, or just clap your hands. Chances are, your feline buddy will hightail it for her favorite hiding spot. 


Does your kitty keep going for the tree, no matter what you do? You may need to try bribing her. Get her some new toys, and perhaps a cardboard box. Or, better yet, buy or make Fluffy a cat tower. The point is to make the rest of the room so much fun that your furry friend forgets about the tree entirely. 

Kitty Playtime 

You may also want to try playing with your feline friend. If you tire Fluffy out with a fun session of C atch The Red Dot or Jump On The Wand Toy , she’ll be more interested in napping beneath the tree than in trying to topple it.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Washington DC veterinary clinic, we’re here to help.

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