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Taking Your Work to Your Cat

June 15, 2020

Have you been working at home recently? If so, you’re in good company. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are telecommuting than ever before. There definitely are some great pluses to working remotely. You can skip the drive, work in comfy clothes, and spend more time with your cat. Of course, Fluffy isn’t always the best co-worker. A local Washington DC vet offers some tips on taking your work to your kitty in this article.

Kitty Proof Desk

Cats definitely have a knack for mischief. Fluffy can wreak all sorts of havoc at your desk! While your cute pet may amuse herself by smacking pens onto the floor, not all of her shenanigans may be that harmless. This is one reason we recommend using spill-proof cups. You don’t want your furball knocking your water bottle onto your keyboard!


Kitties are very playful, which is one of their most adorable traits. However, Fluffy can be a bit of a distraction if she starts attacking your shoelaces while you are on a conference call. Take time to play with your cat before you start work. Hopefully, you’ll tire your feline pal out, so she spends the day snoozing.


Speaking of snoozing, it’s probably safe to say that Fluffy will spend all or most of the day napping on or near you. Need a kitty trap? Consider putting a box on or near your desk. Chances are, your furball will hop right in, and immediately fall asleep.


One great thing about cats is the fact that they’re always (well, almost always) willing to offer cuddles and love. Being able to pet your furry friend throughout the day is definitely a huge perk of working remotely. Your kitty may also hop onto your lap, or just sit beside you and stare at you until you pet her. That’s just Fluffy’s way of helping!

Cats And Computers

Cats have a rather interesting relationship with computers. Many of them see laptops as, well, beds. Is It’s not a bad idea to set your screen-lock time to something short, such as 30 seconds. That way, if you get up, Fluffy will only have a few moments to delete your files or video-dial your boss!

Please contact us, your local Washington DC vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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