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6 Reasons to Board Your Cat

March 15, 2020

Are you going to be leaving town soon? Many people leave their cats at home when they go away. This does make sense. After all, Fluffy is quite independent, and doesn’t need to be walked. However, your pet may actually be both safer and happier in a kitty hotel. A Washington DC vet lists some reasons to board your furry buddy in this article.


Our feline pals have a reputation for being aloof and cold, but that really isn’t accurate. Studies show that kitties get extremely attached to their humans, and think of us as their parents. While your furball will of course still miss you while you’re gone, she won’t get lonely in a kennel. Instead, she’ll have the comforts of being petted and played with, as well as the stimulation of background noise.


Cats are known for being mischievous. Never underestimate your frisky pet’s ability to get herself into trouble! And, while some of Fluffy’s shenanigans are cute and harmless, others can be quite dangerous. You don’t want your furry friend locking herself into a closet or getting tangled up in a drape cord while you’re away.


Kitties can get quite bored by themselves. You wouldn’t want to be left alone for days on end, and nor would your cat! Actually, being bored and/or lonely can sometimes be much more problematic than you would think. These things can severely affect Fluffy’s appetite, and/or cause her to over-groom herself.


Food and water are also things to consider. Although dry food will last longer than kibble, your feline buddy will need fresh water every day. You also won’t be able to leave Fluffy with wet food, as it will quickly spoil.

Peace Of Mind

We really can’t overstate this one. When you board your feline friend, you don’t have to worry about how she’s doing, or wonder if something happened. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that your furry little friend is being well taken care of.

Health Issues

We recommend boarding for the reasons listed above. However, this goes double for kittens, senior cats, and furballs with health issues. These guys definitely need extra TLC! Fluffy will be much better off if she is under supervision!

Please contact us, your Washington DC vet clinic, for all of your cat’s boarding needs. We’re always here to help!

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