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Keeping Fido Safe On The 4th

July 1, 2019

The Fourth of July is just around the corner! The summer holiday can be quite dangerous for our canine pals, so you’ll want to take precautions to keep your beloved pet safe. A Washington DC vet offers some July 4th dog safety tips in this article.


Barbeques are a big part of many July 4th celebrations. Fido definitely deserves a special snack, and probably won’t turn that cute nose up at a burger or hot dog. Just be sure to only offer him safe foods. Don’t let your pet have anything that contains garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; chocolate; avocados; pitted fruits; nuts; chocolate; alcohol;  grapes, currants, or raisins; meat on the bone; or xylitol.


July 4th is a peak time for lost pet reports. Many dogs are terrified of fireworks. Even the most loyal and faithful pup may bolt if he gets scared. Limit Fido’s outdoor time around the 4th. Before the fireworks start, put him in his crate or a quiet back room, with comfy bedding and toys. Turn a radio or TV on to mask the noise.


Hot weather can be very dangerous for Fido. After all, he is wearing a fur coat! Make sure that your canine buddy always has shade and water.

Other Hazards

Grills, fire pits, chemicals, and traffic can all endanger your canine friend. Keep your four-legged buddy away from these potential dangers.


Dogs are very opportunistic, especially when it comes to food. Fido isn’t above sniffing through the trash in search of leftovers. This can be dangerous, as your furry pal could find things like bones, fat trimmings, unsafe foods, toothpicks, and skewers. Use garbage cans with secure lids, and don’t leave uneaten food or leftovers out.

Parasite Control

Summer is a peak time for fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Keep up with Fido’s vaccinations and parasite control! He should also be microchipped and wearing ID tags.


Many dogs are friendly and outgoing, and basically see strangers as opportunities to score snacks and belly rubs. Others, however, are much more timid. If Fido isn’t a ‘people pup’, don’t take him to crowded places. Just let him stay home and take a nap. He’ll be waiting with happy dances and tail wags when you get home!

Happy 4th of July! Please contact us, your Washington DC vet clinic, anytime. We’re here for you!

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