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Raising a Polite Kitten

May 15, 2019

Kittens are undeniably one of the most adorable things on the planet. All baby animals are cute, but tiny cats have a special way of melting our hearts. It’s easy to forget that these little balls of fur are actually predators by nature, and are instinctively driven to pounce and jump on things. This can be cute when Fluffy is still a baby, but it can become dangerous as she gets older. Read on as a local Washington DC vet offers tips on raising a polite kitty.

Curb Bad Habits

Baby cats are extremely playful, and they are certainly adorable while they are trying to figure out how all those claws and teeth work. Don’t let your kitten get into the habit of practicing her pouncing skills on you! If little Fluffy bites or scratches you, immediately tell her ‘No’ in a firm, disapproving tone. You can also blow in her face. Then, walk away and ignore your furry little pal until she calms down. Be consistent and patient. She’ll figure it out eventually!


One of the best parts of having a kitten is getting cuddles and purrs from your tiny furball. Pay lots of attention to your pet, so she gets used to being handled. Play with her paws and teeth, and talk to her gently. This will help your feline friend grow into a calm, polite adult.


Playing is both fun and beneficial for your adorable buddy. Make sure that little Fluffy has lots of toys! To teach her to take her aggression out on her playthings, rather than by attacking you, choose toys that you can control, like wand toys or laser pointers.


Never shout at or scare your kitten if she misbehaves. Stomp your foot, clap your hands, or squirt her with water. These things will annoy little Fluffy, but they won’t hurt her, so she won’t become scared or wary of you.

Purr Activation

One of the most important parts of having a kitten is making sure your pet knows that she is loved. This will help her feel safe, and will also strengthen the bond between you. Spend lots of time with little Fluffy, and let her snooze on your lap if she likes.

Please contact us, your Washington DC vet clinic, for your kitten’s veterinary care needs. We love helping kittens grow into happy, healthy adults.

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