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Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

March 15, 2018

Does your dog hate baths? If so, he’s in good company. Many of our canine pals enjoy feeling clean, but they aren’t exactly enamored with the process of getting there. Bathing Fido isn’t always fun for his human friends, either. Unsurprisingly, professional dog grooming has become quite popular in recent years. It’s great to be able to drop off a dirty dog, and pick up a clean pup soon after! However, convenience isn’t the only reason to take your furry buddy to the doggy salon. Here, a Washington, DC vet lists some benefits of taking Fido to a groomer.

Doggy ‘Do

Many pups are much more comfortable with haircuts in summertime. However, haircuts can cause skin/coat problems in some pooches. Groomers will be able to give your canine companion a comfortable, suitable hairdo.

Puppy Check

A good groomer will look for signs of potential health issues, such as lesions, bumps, or skin trouble. When it comes to treating medical problems in dogs, the sooner an issue is diagnosed and treated, the better!

Less Mess

By the time Fido’s bath is done, your bathroom may look like a doggy tornado hit it. Going to the groomer will help you avoid this messy ‘afterbath!’


Overgrown nails can be very problematic in our canine buddies. If you don’t like trimming Fido’s claws yourself, have the groomer do it!

No Shivering

In summer, you may be able to bathe Fido outdoors in a kiddie pool, and then walk him as he dries. However, in colder weather, you’d have to bathe him indoors. Needless to say, you don’t want to take a damp dog outside in winter. However, finding a wet dog on your bed isn’t exactly ideal, either.

Two Birds, One Stone

Having your furry friend groomed at his vet’s is a great time saver. You may be able to drop Fido off on the way to work, and pick him up later. He’ll not only be clean and super excited to see you, he’ll also be done with his veterinary appointment!

Medical Grooming

Some pooches need a bit more than the usual wash and trim. If your vet recommends medical grooming procedures, such as anal gland expression or ear hair trims, you’ll definitely need to take Fido to the salon.

Do you need to schedule grooming for your pet? Contact us, your Washington, DC veterinary clinic, today!

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